The MS Paint Art Gallery

My magnum opus, "Birth of Gorby". (October 2016)

"Reagan and Gorbachev's Hot Pizza Hut Date". (October 2016)

Art to commemmorate the iconic 2015 Labour leadership election. (September 2015)

Cosplay concept: Hardbass Eli. (October 2016)

In loving memory of my dabbing Kotori costume. Never Forget. (October 2016)

"Michael Gove: In Da Club". (October 2016)

"Crawling in my Tory Skin". (October 2016)

Putvedev fanart drawn with love for Twitter user @pervert_lizard. (October 2016)

Reagan sprite for my upcoming text-based game, "The Gay Weed-Smoking Ronald Reagan Simulator". (November 2016)

Alternate universe where I am the Chancellor of the Exchequer. (December 2016)

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