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john major cries in the rain so nobody can see his tears
losers this page is dedicated to all the conservative losers who got PWNed during the 1997 election. Rest In Pasta

please note: this page is currently under CONEstruction

they tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn't even matter
Historical Note: in 1997 the Conservative party got totally Shrekt by Tony Blair and New Labour. the Conservatives won only 165 seats while Labour won 418 (holy shit, right?). their # of seats went down by 178 from the last election. (even the liberal democrats increased their seats by 28. when you do worse than the liberal democrats, you know you're done for. rip.) at 3:27 am, Major accepted defeat. never forget. major accepts defeat
3:27 am, Major accepts defeat.

sad boys
grey john majorjohn major, photographed after removing his human makeup to reveal his grey skin
gay moment with bush
john major shares a gay moment with george h dubya bush
emo spongebobi heart emo boys
cold war romance, a.k.a. the greatest love story ever told
a john major matryoshakrussian dancing mana gorby matryoshka

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john major supports justice for harambe nyaaaaa!!!~ XD emo blingee

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